What You Should Not Share Online

I have noticed that people share carelessly their pictures on the internet. First of all, you should never share any pictures of yourself. Even if there is no reference to your identity. If someone has even one picture of you they can most likely find many more. There are services like clearview.ai and many others which can find additional photos with the same face.

Well, you may wonder, how on Earth someone could even spot one picture of you. Oh, there are so many options. Let’s begin with the most obvious ones. You have most likely several images of yourself on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Even if you do not, you have your Whatsapp profile picture visible to the whole world.

There is an antidote to all of this. You can change your profile picture and status to be visible for only your contacts. That is how I have arranged things. You should also take a look at the privacy settings in Facebook and your other social media accounts.

Some tools can change the image on the pixel level to avoid image detection. Sadly most of them do not work well. Furthermore, if they do, they will be bypassed in the future, I believe. And then, one day all the data that is made by you will be linked to your identity.


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